Joyful Train Resort Shirakami

  • The Resort Shirakami runs on the Gono line through the stunning seaside scenery of Shirakami-Sanchi, a World Heritage Site
  • Service interval: Aomori to Akita Station


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The Resort Shirakami runs on the Gono line through the stunning seaside scenery of Shirakami-Sanchi, a World Heritage Site. In 2018, Shirakami-Sanchi celebrated its 25th year since its registration as a World Heritage Site.

The second train configuration for the Resort Shirakami, the Buna (Japanese Beech), evokes a grove of beech trees with an exterior whose gradation of light and dark green tones suggests the sunlight filtering through the leaves, and the trains design aims for greater harmony with nature by utilizing a hybrid electrical/deisel engine system.

The interior is finished using many of the trees that grow along the tracks, including Japanese Cedar from Akita and hiba from Aoyama, to create a warm and peaceful atmosphere. The No. 3 train, "Oraho," also includes a counter which sells tasty goodies from the various stops along the route to enjoy while taking in the scenery outside.

Service interval: Aomori to Akita Stations

Observation room and event space (car no. 1 and 4 on the Buna)
The observatories installed in car no. 1 and 4 are event spaces that become extraordinary venues when filled with Akita and Aomori crafts such as bunako (beech woodcraft) and Akita woodcraft, a symbolic beech tree, and other special exhibits.

Box seats (car no. 2 on the Buna)
Filled with light, the box seats provide better views than before and have a spacious feel. Look out on the beautiful views along the line. Also, lighting fixtures made from bunako woodcraft decorate the interior, giving warmth and comfort.

The ORAHO counter (car no. 3 on the Buna)
New features include the ORAHO counter and a symbolic beech tree. Select from locally crafted sake, coffee made with natural water from Shirakami-Sanchi highlands, sweets and other specialty products made along the rail line. Enjoy while taking in the scenery from the car windows.
A "Nomono" (things from) shop area in the train sells Gono Line Nomono products representing the Resort Shirakami and includes a Tokyo Nomono shop.
Note: "Nomono" shops carry foods and other local specialty products from around the Eastern Japan.


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Price included

  • JR basic fare ticket (one-way) for AKITA Sta.⇒HIROSAKI Sta. + reserved seat ticket for「Resort Shirakami」
  • 1 night Hirosaki/Akita/Aomori hotel accommodation


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